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I’m not here on this planet cohabitating with ancient ecosystems to be palatable. To slide down your throat with ease. To dissect my rage into presentable parts. To quiet what troubles me.

My commitment is to myself and all that I am.

I am so much.

I am so small.

I am.

I release myself from the expectation of being loud and bold. I am gentleness- a quiet storm. I have things to say but I have more to listen to. I am quiet and mighty. I am here to be simple and extraordinary.  To straddle and blend contradictions so I can live a life in harmony, in tune, fully.

It’s not my calling to be liked. I’m not here to be consumable. I’m here for truth. I’m here for good. I am here for the long haul and am not moving.

My commitment is to myself and all that I am.

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Paying Attention

It Is A Gift To Be Here

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